What We Do

The Quantship Platform is powered by prediction algorithms typically used by quant hedge funds. Quantship seeks to continuously produce high-quality trading signals (alphas) through our proprietary research platform leveraging alternate data across geo-spatial and terrestrial data.

We develop and deploy systematic investment/trading strategies focused on market inefficiencies across a variety of asset classes and global shipping markets.

We are now part of the Delta Corp Family

Being a part of Delta Corp, this unique platform aims at opening new and exciting access to investors' exposure to Dry Bulk Shipping Indexes. This platform allows Owners, Investors and Financiers to invest in their targeted sector in dry shipping that aims to replicate the returns of Dry bulk Shipping Index. It also provides long exposure to the dry bulk shipping market through a portfolio of freight futures contracts on dry bulk Indices, uncorrelated to other major asset classes.

Product Overview

The Future Of Commercial Shipping

Freight Predictions

Extract alpha in the voaltile freight market using our algorithmic predictions, capturing drivers across supply and demand.

Data Driven Insights

Daily Reports with in depth analysis of future freight rates and the fundamentals affecting freight prices.

Proven ROI

Quantship has helped its clients see an impact of 3-5% on their revenue, through its data driven decision making.

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